An Inside Out Approach to Security

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    With critical customer, financial, and business information managed on IT systems, the security of your applications is more important than ever. But the perimeter defense approaches of the past are not enough any more. Misconfigurations, missed patches, and uncontrolled change must be eliminated to ensure a secure environment.

    With effective security measures, your IT organization can comply with enterprise-wide security policies, manage the environment in a consistent and predictable manner, and respond quickly to threats when they emerge —causing almost no impact on the ongoing demands of your business.

    While most organizations focus on outside threats by locking down the network perimeter and securing local and remote desktops, the application environment itself is often overlooked as a source of risk. But increasingly the greatest risk is deep within the application infrastructure—on a server that is missing a patch, or a misconfigured web server that allows insecure connectors or a switch that is running an outdated operating system.

    Opsware System 6 takes an inside out approach to security. By focusing on the security of the application infrastructure itself, Opsware is a powerful and necessary security complement to your perimeter defense strategy. Opsware enables you to eliminate misconfigurations, validate settings against best practices from the National Security Agency, the Centre for Internet Security, and Microsoft, and audit and control change. In addition, when the inevitable security crisis emerges, Opsware enables you to act immediately, securing your environment before any damage can be done.

    Key benefits include:


    Enables you to enforce a consistent method of device management and eliminate direct device access. Opsware provides centralized access to all of your servers and network devices via a secure protocol and creates a session log for auditing and automation purposes. With Opsware you can control who does what when across your entire IT infrastructure.

    Enforce Policies.

    Recent studies show that 80 percent of outages and security incidents are due to manual misconfigurations. With Opsware, your experts can define their policies and best practices and track compliance against them, eliminating misconfigurations and security gaps.

    Stay Up to Date.

    New vulnerabilities are constantly being reported. The Opsware Network is a unique service that makes actionable, multi-vendor, prioritized, security alerts available to your Opsware installation. With The Opsware Network you can quickly and easily identify vulnerabilities as soon as they come out, and deploy the appropriate fixes without consuming extra resources.

    Rapidly Remediate Issues.

    Identifying vulnerabilities is only half the battle. Opsware provides the complete end-to-end solution to quickly identify or, in many cases, actually prevent security threats before they can cause a serious impact. Once the threats or vulnerabilities are identified, administrators can act quickly to deploy the required fixes.