Opsware OMDB

You are in the process of implementing a best practices initiative like ITIL to streamline your IT processes, improve its efficiency, and deliver on your compliance objectives. Opsware provides you the core foundation solution—a comprehensive and accurate Operational Management Database (OMDB), with complete IT infrastructure data and seamless change automation—to enable you to achieve rapid ROI with your service management initiative.

To meet the goals of business in today’s competitive environment, IT organizations are asked to deliver applications with increased quality, improved agility, and assured compliance.

To address these needs, IT organizations are turning to best practices solutions such as ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). At the core of the ITIL initiative is an IT configuration management database (CMDB), which serves as the definitive record of all infrastructure data. All IT processes rely on the CMDB for infrastructure state; hence, its automation, accuracy, and comprehensiveness is essential to IT.

Opsware Operational Management Database (OMDB) provides the only configuration management database with automated discovery and seamless change automation capabilities. Opsware OMDB provides comprehensive cross-tier IT infrastructure and operational visibility; it also leverages the Opsware System to execute changes to IT infrastructure to provide a complete closed-loop change automation solution.

What is in your configuration management database?

Opsware OMDB leverages the entire Opsware System, – the Opsware Server Automation System, the Opsware Network Automation System, and the Opsware Application Storage Automation System*, to automatically populate and maintain all the infrastructure configuration items (CIs), their detailed attributes, and interdependencies into the OMDB. By automating the discovery process, the OMDB ensures the infrastructure data is accurate and reflects the current state of the data center.

Provide seamless change execution.
Opsware OMDB is the only CMDB that offers seamless change automation capabilities. Leveraging Opsware NAS, SAS, and ASAS, OMDB customers can “one-click” execute changes to any IT infrastructure in real-time. The Opsware OMDB also records all operational data associated with the changes – who made the change, what was the change, when was it made and why was it made – to provide complete audit of all data center change operations.

Enable closed-loop change process management.
The Opsware OMDB provides out-of-the-box integration with Opsware Process Automation System to automate critical ITIL processes such as change, configuration, incident, and problem management. For example, Opsware Process Automation System can automate standard processes such as an end-to-end compliance and remediation, thus ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and repeatability of the IT operations.

Measure, report, and achieve IT compliance today.
A key goal of ITIL is to support the IT compliance initiatives. The OMDB ships with several pre-defined compliance and ITIL reports to allow IT organizations to analyze and report against their compliance goals. The OMDB also provides a rich analytical framework to intuitively search and explore CI details; it also enables IT to create ad-hoc, structured, and historical trend-analysis reports.

Ensure success of your ITIL initiative and achieve rapid ROI.
Opsware OMDB leverages the native discovery capabilities of the Opsware Server Automation System, Network Automation System, and Application Storage Automation System. By automating the discovery process, the OMDB ensures that “the right data at the right time” is available to all IT processes. It can also be easily deployed in weeks across your entire infrastructure and can provide quick ROI. Lastly, the OMDB is built on the proven scalable and secure Opsware platform, which has been deployed in large customer environments and can support hundreds of thousands of CIs, across multiple geographies and organizations.

* Please see disclaimer.