Solutions for all aspects of the data center automation lifecycle

    Chances are your deployment of virtualization technology is limited to a small number of servers and in non-production environments. What's holding your IT organization back?

    For those who have tried to deploy virtualization in large scale environments – they’ve being confronted with the same problems that have plagued them  on the physical server side for years. The same configuration management problems, patching issues and security challenges that IT has worked to resolve over the last 10 years for the physical world, do not disappear with the adoption of virtual server and network devices. In fact, even the same physical world problems are only exacerbated in the virtual world. For example, a security vulnerability on one physical server now affects not just that one server but leaves the virtual servers running on top of that host in jeopardy.

    And it’s not just the host of physical world problems that are constricting virtualization deployments from scaling. Virtualization is not just a technology but it is a new data center architecture that creates a massive new phenomenon with its own set of daunting problems. Opsware Virtualization Director provides comprehensive virtual lifecycle management to accelerate enterprise deployments by seamlessly managing across physical and environments virtualized with technologies such as VMware, Microsoft Virtual Server, Sun Solaris 10, XenSource and others.

    Key capabilities include the ability to:

    Provision heterogeneous virtualization environments.

    Enables you to create and manage virtual servers. Opsware provides the ability to provision, patch, activate and delete virtual servers on a large scale basis. With Opsware you can control all aspects of heterogeneous virtual environments.

    Discover and visualize dependencies.

    The highly dynamic nature of virtual infrastructure deployments requires a keen understanding of application, server, network device and storage dependencies. With Opsware, your experts can discover and view dependencies for change impact assessments.

    Track virtual and physical devices.

    By introducing the virtual server and network devices into the physical world, new relationships have just been added to IT’s management challenge. There are new physical to virtual server relationships to track, virtual to physical switches and so on. IT needs to be able to track and manage these relationships between the servers, virtual and physical, applications, networking and storage. Opsware enables IT organizations to track virtual and physical relationships.

    Standardize management across physical and virtual environments.

    Leverage the same policies and best practices across physical and virtual servers and networks. You want to extend the same rules and policies that have secured your physical environment to virtual environments. Opsware provides this capability to enable seamless management of all server and network devices, regardless if they’re physical or virtual.