Asset Management System

Can you account for your IT assets? If you’re like most IT departments, you may not have an accurate record of these assets—especially ones in remote offices, or different geographic locations. And manually tracking this information is time consuming and error-prone.

Your IT assets are a significant expense area for your company and with today’s increased scrutiny on corporate accounting and expense reporting, you must have a handle on these vital resources. Opsware Asset Management System can help.

Opsware Asset Management, part of Opsware System 6, provides you with comprehensive visibility into your organization’s hardware and software assets. By discovering and maintaining a repository of asset and license data, Opsware Asset Management System enables your organization to track inventory, manage license usage, and enforce IT governance controls for auditing purposes. 

With Opsware Asset Management System you can:

Maximize Software Utilization.

Provides detailed information on software usage, reduces overbuys, and discovers potential license violations.

Manage Desktop Standards.

Defines and enforces desktop standards that reduce help desk support calls, simplifies training requirements, and maximizes end-user productivity.

Meet CMDB Requirements.

Populates and creates meaningful reports from the configuration management database (CMDB) with accurate and timely information about all assets, aggregated from multiple systems.

Reduce Deployment Costs.

Minimizes the costs associated with poorly planned implementations by understanding the current environment and asset usage.

Manage PDA Devices.

Manages PDA devices to minimize security breaches and reduce support requests.

Manage Hardware Assets.

Obtains up to date information on asset usage to reduce maintenance and support costs.

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