Integrated, Comprehensive Data Center Automation

    More than 350 of the world’s largest companies, service providers, and government agencies depend on Opsware to automate their IT operations. These leading IT organizations choose Opsware because of its ability to drive their critical IT initiatives, achieving orders-of-magnitude reductions in cost and complexity while simultaneously driving dramatic improvements in productivity and performance.

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    At Opsware, we are delivering on the next wave of data center automation. Opsware System 6, the first integrated family of products for comprehensive Data Center Automation, delivers on the vision of providing automated management of the entire application infrastructure. Specifically designed to meet the IT needs of today, our proven solutions are addressing real-life challenges and delivering real results, and quantifiable ROI benefits. From cost efficiencies by automating time-consuming, day-to-day tasks, to quality and consistency that reduce downtime, to easily meeting audit and compliance requirements, Opsware automation solutions offer broad support for highly complex IT environments—just like yours.