The Leader in Data Center Automation

    Opsware Inc. is the world’s leading IT automation company. More than 350 of the world’s largest companies have chosen Opsware to automate management of their data centers, reducing their operational costs, improving service quality, and enabling IT compliance.

    From servers and software, to networks and storage, we are delivering end-to-end Data Center Automation. What’s driving the need for automation? The number of business applications an IT organization manages is doubling every few years. This has caused an explosion in the amount and complexity of IT infrastructure—across every layer of the stack. Networks, software, servers, and storage. It’s also caused a corresponding explosion of disconnected organizational silos—resulting in slow response times, miscommunications, and downtime. Conventional management tools are reactive and only address the symptoms rather than the root cause. To address the crux of the problem, a new proactive approach is needed.

    Opsware is that new approach. Opsware is a single platform for all of IT operations to drive automated change throughout the data center. It manages the entire lifecycle from initial provisioning through ongoing change and covers the three fundamental components of the data center: servers, networks, and storage.

    With the Opsware Data Center Automation Platform—the industry’s first and only—IT can:

    • Automate application infrastructure end-to-end-servers, software, network & storage
    • Get a server strategy that works—do it fast, do it right, do it once
    • Maintain control of network change—improve availability, enforce compliance, ensure security
    • Discover, visualize, and automate change across the IT environment
    • Keep the environment up-to-date, and secure
    • Track and manage assets automatically

    Today, hundreds of the world’s largest companies, service providers, and government agencies use Opsware to automate their IT operations. Learn more about our products and solutions.