Server Automation System

Managing servers independently from the rest of the IT infrastructure just doesn’t cut it anymore. Simply put, it’ll slow you down.

Extra cycles are being wasted while admins are trying to figure which patch was not installed or which configuration file was not updated, causing the application to fail. Teams recreating their own best practices just because they’re in a different site are expending value time and energy on processes that can easily be leveraged across the global organization.

The business just won’t wait for your IT organization to figure it out.

To truly meet the ever-increasing business demands being applied to IT today, a new approach to managing the infrastructure must be implemented. Server management needs to evolve from standalone provisioning and patching to:

  • A heterogeneous management system to seamlessly support all operating systems and applications running on physical and virtual machines, providing one unified view of the environment
  • Sharing of best practices, application packages, OS builds, and configurations globally across all administrators in all locations, minimizing rework and enforcing corporate standards
  • Ongoing delivery of security, compliance and best practice content directly to end servers, ensuring that all servers remain up-to-date in real-time

Automate to Thrive, Not Just Survive

Opsware Server Automation System 6.5, part of Opsware System 6, delivers everything your IT teams need to manage the server and application environment under today’s business demands.

With Opsware Server Automation System, you can automate specific actions to ensure work is done quickly and correctly—giving you more time to develop the new applications required by your business.

By using Opsware Server Automation System in conjunction with the Opsware System 6.5, you can be assured that that your teams are employing closed-loop change execution processes and performing impact analysis before changes are executed to ensure that all changes are made correctly the first time.

Reduce Operating Costs and Increase Productivity.

Put an end to doing repetitive tasks by automating common operational jobs. With these tasks automated in a consistent, compliant, manner, Opsware delivers significant, measurable savings in time and resources. Tasks that used to take several administrators, days to accomplish can be reduced to a single administrator, completing the task in hours.

Respond to Business Requirements with Speed and Agility.

If you are always fighting fires, you can’t focus on the strategic IT initiatives that further the business. By automating the server management lifecycle, routine tasks such as patching servers consistently take a few hours instead of days. Plus, delivering new services is easier, faster and less error prone with standardized server and application automation.

Proactively Manage Regulatory Compliance.

At the core of today’s IT compliance initiatives, such as ITIL adoption, tightened security controls, and proactive compliance enforcement is IT automation. Without automation, compliance enforcement is, at best, labor-intensive, but often, nearly impossible. Opsware Server Automation System completely automates the task of setting and enforcing regulatory and best practice standards. Opsware delivers executive-level, at-a-glance visibility into server, software, and application configuration for regulatory compliance.

Breakdown Operational Silos to Work Smarter.

Today’s applications are distributed, drastically increasing management complexity for systems administrators. Opsware delivers a holistic solution with a single view of application dependencies and network details along with server hardware and configuration information. This provides unprecedented visibility along with an integration to change and configuration management into the application stack to speed troubleshooting and allow operators to perform ‘what-if’ impact analysis.