What Analysts Are Saying About Opsware
    05/01/2007 IDC
    Analyst Report Names Opsware Leader in Worldwide Network Change and Configuration Management Market
    The latest analysis from IDC shows that Opsware is both the market share leader and the fastest growing provider of network change and configuration management software
    08/23/2006 IDC
    Analyst Report Names Opsware as Fastest Growing Server Provisioning Software Vendor in 2005 [PDF]
    The latest analysis from IDC shows that Opsware is by far the fastest growing provider of server provisioning software

    Opsware Acquires Storage Vendor Creekpath Systems for Integrated Management Across the Network, Servers and Storage Infrastructures [PDF]
    The acquisition will extend Opsware’s existing capabilities in systems (Server Automation System) and network (Network Automation System) configuration, change and control to support optimization and change management for the storage infrastructure, as well, for what Opsware would call “end-to-end datacenter automation.”

    07/14/2006 The 451 Group
    Opsware buys keys to storage management from Creekpath [PDF]
    It’s a fiscally shrewd purchase, since Creekpath burned through some $70m in venture funding developing the technology. Opsware added that the acquisition saved it at least three years in development time, allowing it to soon cover the management of three key infrastructure components: server, network and, with Creekpath’s technology, storage.
    07/11/2006 IDC
    Opsware Acquires Creekpath; Plans Extension into Storage Configuration Management [PDF]
    IDC believes that this deal continues the expansion of Opsware capabilities; the Application Storage Automation System must be focused on Server Automation System (SAS) accounts as a way to add end-to-end service configuration and change visibility. It provides Opsware with the potential to address and automate the change impact analysis and processes between servers and storage infrastructure
    06/22/2006 The 451 Group
    Opsware at crucial transition point: version 6 spearheads assault on apps, storage [PDF]
    Opsware System 6 was conceived as a single platform for automation across all six groups. It enforces policy, automates management over the application lifecycle and generates analytics for the IT head to ponder.
    05/15/2006 Gartner
    Opsware’s New Product Adds Integrated Application Mapping Capability
    05/10/2006 Tier 1
    Opsware makes subtle but significant shift towards total data center platform
    “Initiatives such as business service management and ITIL are helping enterprises approach resource management more holistically and applications such as Opsware’s new Visual Application Manager that map dependencies and help in change control make this more efficient and effective approach to managing enterprise resources possible.”
    05/09/2006 EMA
    Opsware Introduces Integrated Application Dependency Mapping, Configuration and Change Management [PDF]
    “This new combination of tightly coupled change management with application service discovery then creates a new triad of capabilities that may or may not be replicated or imitated by other vendors, but which almost certainly will bring immediate value to Opsware’s existing and future customers.”
    05/09/2006 Forrester
    Opsware Adds Application Dependency Mapping [PDF]
    “Using such technologies in change management, as Opsware does, makes change planning and management significantly easier. Integrating application dependency mapping and an effective change management product brings out the value of the solution: it becomes an effective driver for automating change and compliance.”