Visual Application Manager

There’s the business view of your IT—focused on meeting service levels and other business priorities—and then there's the functional view of IT, focused on the infrastructure itself. Sometimes these views are at odds with one another. Opsware helps you bridge the gap.

Opsware Visual Application Manager, part of Opsware System 6, offers the industry's only automated discovery and application mapping solution with seamless integrated change automation. Recognizing that application discovery and dependency mapping are integral to managing today's complex IT landscape, we set out to further our lead in Data Center Automation by providing you with a deeper, visual, and interactive view of your application environment. In this way, your organization can accurately account for your computing environment, better understand the applications that define a service, as well as identify the underlying infrastructure.

Visualize. Interact. Take Action.

Opsware Visual Application Manager delivers the complete and global picture of your environment including all servers, software, network devices, and storage, its configurations and interdependencies. From this visual interactive view, your IT group can gain an instant in-depth understanding of the state of your environment—making the identification and troubleshooting of applications that deliver services much easier. In essence, the Visual Application Manager becomes an effective driver for automating change and compliance—and enables you to make the right changes and easily pinpoint the source of issues to speed repair and compliance management.

With Opsware Visual Application Manager, you gain the following key benefits:

Breakdown Operational Silos and Enhance Efficiency.

View physical and virtual server, network, and application infrastructure on demand. This capability enhances your efficiency since it removes the need for IT groups to be dependent on one another to provide basic information such as which servers are attached to what switch or which particular server is required for an application.

The Visual Application Manager is also extensible – Opsware provides modular discovery modules via the Opsware Network, to allow customers to discover and visualize their unique IT infrastructure and their service maps. With the Opsware Network service, Opsware customers can be assured that their application maps are living accurately and comprehensively reflecting their changing IT environment.

Decrease Time-to-Repair.

By providing up-to-date infrastructure information, your IT group can quickly troubleshoot without spending time having to manually collect device and change history data. Best of all, changes can be made directly from Opsware Visual Application Manager, making it the only such product on the market with direct and seamless change automation capabilities. That means your administrators can take the appropriate remediation action.

Easily Respond to Compliance Requirements.

Discover application to physical and virtual server and network dependencies to identify the right devices to track for compliance reporting. Your IT group can also compare two snapshots to identify how dependencies and connections have changed over time.

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“Integrating application dependence mapping and an effective change management product becomes an effective driver for automating change and compliance.”

Jean-Pierre Garbani
VP, Forrester Research, May 2006 report