Network Automation System

Today’s organizations are subject to increasing requirements for new network-driven services and regulatory compliance. This creates operational challenges caused by amplified scale and infrastructure complexity. The way business and commerce is conducted constantly evolves and so must the network. In the age of global, seamless and living networks many are turning to automation.

The Challenge

The network touches every part of the infrastructure and is the backbone on which business is conducted. Organizations have come to expect services such as Internet access, wireless networking, and voice over IP (VoIP) to be ubiquitous, seamless, rolled out, and as highly available as their analog telephone system. New regulations and the increasing awareness of network security and compliance issues continue to be a top concern. Organizations need visibility into their inventory through discovery, auditing, and reporting to achieve and maintain compliance, whether for HIPAA, PCI, DSS, or SOX. Network teams struggle to keep up with the growing complexity of the network infrastructure as they offer new services and fulfill compliance obligations. How can organizations do this as the cost of IT operations continues to sky-rocket?

Solution: Opsware Network Automation System

The Opsware Network Automation System is the industry leader in delivering real-time visibility, automation, and control of your ever-changing network, allowing you to achieve compliance and measurable costs savings/

Ranked by industry experts as the #1 NCCM solution, the Opsware Network Automation System immediately addresses critical IT issues by simplifying the management of complex, distributed, multi-vendor networks. Opsware Network Automation System automates all aspects of compliance management and reporting, including inventory discovery and management, audit tracking, compliance violation policies, and change management enforcement. By completely automating time-consuming tasks, such as device provisioning, firmware updates, and real-time change monitoring, network operations has more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Increase global visibility and decrease mean time to repair (MTTR).

Gain insight into device inventory, real-time change activity, and historical configurations. Opsware Network Automation System offers the most comprehensive support of networked devices supporting over 50 unique vendors and over 2,500 devices for truly global coverage. Network Automation System snapshots and stores device information and configurations in a centralized repository. This gives network engineers unprecedented visibility and control over globally distributed, multi-vendor networks and enables a dramatic reduction in the manual misconfigurations that cause over 80 percent of security breaches and network downtime.

Enforce policy, standardize operations, and ensure compliance.

Opsware Network Automation System ensures network compliance through a unique Network Compliance Model that maps device information, policies and user roles into a normalized structure to prevent compliance violations before they occur.

Automate change and increase cost savings.

Uniformly create, validate, provision and manage change across all devices in a seamless, automated way. Opsware Network Automation System provides engineers with a means to create change actions and store them. These can be validated, standardized and use by everyone. The centralized change repository enables knowledge sharing, so junior-level engineers can leverage highly sophisticated logic and complex commands to implement advanced changes. 

Seamlessly enforce policies and ensure compliance.

Audit and enforce ITIL, COSO, and CoBIT policies and procedures to achieve and maintain compliance. Opsware Network Automation System ensures network compliance through a unique Network Compliance Model that maps device information, policies, and user roles into a normalized structure to prevent compliance violations before they occur. Also, automatically generate reports out-of-the-box to validate compliance.

Improve network security.

Opsware Network Automation System allows you completely lockdown your network by centralizing devices access via the Opsware proxy allowing you to realize a complete, keystroke level, audit trail of all device access. Automated software and configuration vulnerability detection alerts network administrators as soon as vulnerabilities are discovered. Opsware Network Automation System also provides a powerful ACL management interface to facilitate rapid remediation of identified threats.

Enable disaster recovery and global management.
Opsware automatically replicates information about the environment to multiple locations dramatically reducing time to recover by enabling immediate recreation of the environment in a new location. This also allows network teams to leverage best practices and knowledge across multiple locations and ensure operational consistency across the entire organization.

Get live content.
Leverage The Opsware Network to receive up-to-the-minute security alerts and additional compliance reports. The Opsware Network Automation System becomes even more powerful when coupled with The Opsware Network. This combination provides network engineers with security alerts, as well as extension, integration, and solutions packs for rapid remediation.