Achievign Regulatory Compliance with Data Center Automation

    Compliance. It’s a new world. And it’s placing tough and costly demands on IT organizations. Sarbanes-Oxley. Basel II. HIPAA. There’s an ever-expanding list of regulations forcing your IT organization to change the way you work, and change the way you manage your infrastructure.

    With steep fines, delisting, even jail time at stake, the implications of not complying are greater than ever. And with years of ad hoc, manual management, outdated processes and tools and limited resources, the challenge is daunting. Faced with these regulatory compliance issues, many companies have restricted all change in IT environments and dispatched armies of people to manually audit and remediate thousands of servers and network devices. A costly, inefficient approach—one that is simply not viable in today’s world.

    The Opsware Solution—A Platform for IT Compliance Automation

    With Opsware System 6, we can help you deliver on your compliance needs. Our compliance solution enables lifecycle automation across your organization’s entire application infrastructure—heterogeneous servers, software and network devices, and storage. By automating common tasks and processes, your organization can ensure that compliance issues are dealt with in a consistent, error-free, secure and compliant manner, each and every time. With best practices embedded within the software, less skilled operators are able to repeat processes without redundant intervention or rework. As a result, your company better leverages the skills of in-house experts while eliminating mistakes and inconsistencies of manual management.

    Solutions for all aspects of the data center automation lifecycle

    Opsware Compliance Lifecycle Automation offers the following benefits:


    Before you can ensure compliance, you must have an accurate understanding of what makes up your IT infrastructure. Opsware immediately discovers the servers and software, network devices, and storage behind your applications and creates a real-time, interactive map of the environment, complete with interdependencies.

    Define Policies.

    For years, compliance and security managers have defined policies in documents that end up sitting on a shelf unreferenced, unused, and not enforced. With Opsware, your compliance managers can encode their policies through a simple user interface and take advantage of best practices from the National Security Agency, the Center for Internet Security, Microsoft, and others.

    Test & Remediate.

    How many hundreds or thousands of man-hours has your IT organization wasted developing and running custom scripts to test compliance and then manually correcting the problems discovered? With Opsware, compliance tests are automatically run based on the appropriate policies, and remediation is as simple as clicking a button.

    Interact, Summarize, Analyze Issues via a Dashboard.

    In order to proactively drive compliance, Opsware provides IT managers with an interactive Compliance Dashboard that summarizes the status of every device and allows easy drill down into compliance violations.

    Leverage Out-of-the-Box Reports.

    Tired of spending hours on end trying to decipher cryptic regulations and report on your compliance against them? Opsware has worked with leading consulting companies to develop out-of-the-box standard reports on SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, ITIL, among others.