Reduce Risk and Achieve PCI/CISP Compliance through Network Change and Configuration Management (Archive)

    In this Webinar, companies will learn how IT automation offers a proactive approach to security management and PCI/CISP compliance. Automation is the key to standardizing change management, achieving operational best practices and compliance.

    Topics covered during the Webinar include:

    • Best practices for security management and PCI/CISP compliance
    • How to leverage an IT automation solution to achieve and enforce CISP compliance cost effectively.

    IDC’s Senior Analyst, Stephen Elliot, discusses Network configuration and compliance management’s critical role in reducing the CISP compliance burden.

    Join this live webinar and learn how:

    • A leading service provider reduced the time to compile required CISP reports from days to minutes.
    • A major retailer completely automated the labor-intensive change processes for CISP compliance