Tap into the power of automation today with Opsware’s innovative Run Book Automation platform. Opsware Process Automation System empowers IT Operations teams to automate the triage, troubleshooting, and repair of incidents and alerts, as well as change and configuration management or repetitive maintenance tasks.

Opsware Process Automation System allows you to:

  • Automate resolution for recurring alerts and incidents
  • Orchestrate change and configuration management
  • Automate routine maintenance procedures and tasks
  • Significantly reduce operational costs and improve service levels

Today’s businesses demand ever-increasing service levels while requiring IT to do more with less.

In order to balance these two conflicting driving forces, IT organizations are compelled to look for market changing innovations that can help them gain a competitive edge. IT Process Automation is the answer to this, with the ability to deliver unmatched efficiency and productivity.

Unleash the Power of IT Process Automation

Opsware Process Automation System enables IT organization to simplify data center operations. Working together with existing system management solutions, Opsware Process Automation System delivers a tightly integrated process automation solution that works seamlessly to revolutionize your IT operations. By using Opsware Process Automation System to automate all common IT management processes, such as incident resolution, change orchestration, and repetitive maintenance tasks, your IT team will reap the benefits of having a fully empowered frontline IT, reduced escalations, and increased process efficiency across the board.

Automate incident resolution.

Automation of all steps in the triage, troubleshooting, and repair process dramatically reduces the volume of alerts that require IT staff response, thereby reducing overall support costs.

Reduce escalations by empowering the frontline.

Visually guided repeatable resolution helps frontline staff resolve more incidents more quickly, freeing up senior staff to respond to strategic issues.

Orchestrate change and configuration management.

Automation of change and configuration management processes, to eliminate manual and error-prone procedures, providing high agility and responsiveness to meet changing business needs.

Reinforce compliance & capture audit trail to reinforce ITIL standards.

Complete audit trails of IT tasks and ITIL-compliant process templates help establish and reinforce repeatable and actionable ITIL processes.

Alleviate the burden of routine maintenance tasks.

Automation of ongoing IT maintenance tasks, such as checking backup logs or restarting file or printer servers, increases productivity of existing staff.

Achieve rapid ROI with out-of-the-box content.

1000+ automation operations and configurable resolution templates automate common IT tasks without requiring scripting.

Integrate systems management tools and processes, end-to-end.

Leveraging existing system management tools while creating fully integrated automation flows.

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