Visual Application Manager

With Opsware Visual Application Manager, you get a complete picture of your environment. From automated discovery and dependency mapping to scalable, in-depth views of your infrastructure to signatures and more, it helps you respond to compliance requirements, decrease time-to-repair, breakdown operational silos, and enhance efficiency.

Feature Benefit

Automated Discovery and Dependency Mapping

Quickly discover and map dependencies for the entire application environment including network devices, physical and virtual servers, software, storage, and business applications

View automated discovery and dependency information to understand current application infrastructure

Examine connectivity between application components, physical and virtual servers, and network devices to perform impact analysis

Scalable, In-depth Views

Intelligently filters and groups information to allow in-depth views of a particular area of the data center and applications

Unique, easy-to-use interactive visual representations of the IT environment

Multiple views – server, virtualization, network, and application—to address the different needs of different IT groups

Active and Seamless Change Management

Uniquely allows changes to be made directly from Opsware Visual Application Manager

Compare and identify differences between dependencies at two points in time

Seamlessly integrated with the Opsware Server and Network Automation Systems

Rich, Extensible Library of Application Signatures, which can be customized in the field or delivered via the Opsware Network

Rich library of application signatures, including critical applications such as Oracle, BEA WebLogic, Apache, and Microsoft SQL Server

Quick identification of currently running application components

Easily extensible library to accommodate custom applications