Server Automation System

The Opsware Server Automation System enables your IT organization to reduce the latency in responding to business needs. By removing all the barriers of a fully automated IT environment, teams are able to work together seamlessly, even if they are in different geographies. All administrators will have the same view of the environment. And best practices can be enforced and immediately reflected throughout the organization.

Feature Benefit

Support of heterogeneous operating system environments

Manage servers running Windows, Linux and UNIX providing one unified view of the environment across OS and architectures

Seamless management of physical and virtual servers

Support of Solaris Container and VMware virtual machines enables improved visibility and better control in highly complex and dynamic environments

Execute tasks against physical and virtual servers in exactly the same manner ensures that all servers are managed against the same corporate best practices

Multi-Data Center Operations

Build and manage servers located in any data center from a single console

Ensures all operational benefits of the Opsware Server Automation System are realized across all data center locations

Server and Software Discovery

Auto-discovery of server hardware, configurations and software ensures ongoing visibility

Updated records of auto-discovered info provide users with contextual knowledge to target changes

Server and Application Deployment

Provisions operating system baselines onto bare metal servers for Windows, Linux and Solaris quickly, consistently and with minimal manual intervention

Ensures server builds can be easily updated, patched and refreshed to meet corporate standards

Server and Application Dependency Mapping

Enhanced application, server and network dependency visibility with interactive mapping

Integration with change automation for servers, software, network devices and applications allows administrators to take action

Application-level Visibility

View and access servers and network device infrastructure supporting an application to obtain a greater level of application visibility

Understand application-level dependencies to improve targeted troubleshooting

Configuration Management

Automatically tracks, backs-up and recovers critical software and system configuration information across servers located in one or more data centers

Patch Management

Quickly and accurately identify and patch a large number of servers

Create and enforce patch policies to identify Windows patching best practices

Integration with Compliance Dashboard for at-a-glance status of compliance against patch policies

Audit and Remediation

Compare servers and synchronize files and directories across servers to enable rapid troubleshooting and compliance management

Leverage industry best practices in audit and remediation definitions including CIS, Microsoft Security, and NSA rules to enable fast response to security or compliance vulnerabilities

Quick remediation built-in to audit checks and also supports creation of installable packages of differences

Software Management

Enables distributed IT teams to collaborate for rapid install, configuration, and removal of software across many servers, simultaneously

Ensures quality and consistency by leveraging common builds and closely tracking what is deployed on each server

Integrated with the Compliance Dashboard for at-a-glance status of software policy compliance


Compliance Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of compliance against corporate policies; easily configurable and extended by the user to include custom policies

Simplified reporting with out of the box, dynamic, real-time reports into the hardware, software, patches, and operations activities in complex, heterogeneous data centers

Remote Server Access

Manage remote systems from a command line interface enabling administrators to perform tasks across multiple servers with efficiency and security

The Opsware Network

Delivers critical vulnerability and compliance content ensuring that vulnerable IT assets are quickly identified, the right parties are notified and necessary information is readily available

More than 2,000 compliance checks have been added to the latest version of The Opsware Network and continued checks are delivered on an ongoing basis

Share in the open forum to allow Opsware users to share automation content and leverage the combined intelligence of the Opsware community


Unified API enables automation of organization-specific processes and technologies

Open database schema allows integration with other IT systems to maximize benefit and ROI of automation