The Opsware Network for Network Automation System

Our unique subscription service provides ongoing security updates and content to help keep your environment up-to-date and secure. It leverages the extensible Network Automation System platform to deliver automation capabilities on an ongoing basis.

Feature Benefit

Automated download of vulnerability alerts

Automatically obtain the latest security vulnerability information across multiple vendors rather than depending on a manual and error-prone process

Alerts delivered as actionable policies

Automatically identify all vulnerable devices in minutes rather than depending on a manual, error-prone and time-consuming process

Remediation of all vulnerable servers or network devices concurrently

Remediate all vulnerable IT assets on the network concurrently by either performing software updates, making required configuration changes or both — saving significant time and resources

Compliance policies are tied to the Event system

Generate automated alerts when a vulnerability is reintroduced either due to a regression in the existing environment or the addition of a new vulnerable device to the network — keeping your organization always informed and current

Historical alerts across all supported vendor platforms

Ensure that network devices aren’t exposed to known historical vulnerabilities